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Crypto fake transaction

With the latest version of the software we have fixed the ️Bugs of the old version: ▶️ Minimum crypto that can be sent: 0.001 BTC / ETH ▶️ Maximum crypto that can be sent: 100 BTC / ETH ▶️ Fake Crypto can remain active in the wallet for at least 3 weeks before being spotted by the blockchain network security bot. ▶️ VPN integrated into the software to maintain user anonymity ▶️ Fake Crypto can also be sent to betting and trading sites. ▶️ Bitcoins fakes are confirmed , they act like real one , the only issue is they will disappear later ▶️ You must change the active address after 10 transactions. ▶️ New option to check the validity of the BTC / ETH address You better take advantage of this version before blockchain changes its security settings ▶️Software LTD won’t be held responsible for the use you gonna make of this software. Thank you for understanding contact us by e-mail and telegram for more information about the software